Team Lore

Honorary Team Members


Haha Car

Mark Duckerburg


Every year we find a 6th team member, and we are so excited to have expanded!! Then... every year without fail.... one of our past team members can no longer be on the team. First Abby, then Raven, now Katie.... We dream of the day we finally break the curse and expand the team. (P.S. just busy, not dead)

Holy Water

A ritual we developed in the Covid era, once something or someone had been dirtied, it had to be cleansed with holy water. It was an intricate set of steps that had to be followed exactly to free the object or person from any impurities that it may be carrying. (aka spritz a person's hands or an object with hand sanitizer) 

Get Duck'd!

A game in which you take a rubber duck, find an unsuspecting person who is working diligently, aim then... SQUEAK! They have now been duck'd! (This game has since been discontinued for the sake of getting more work done)