18487 TaCode Cats

About Us

Hello! We are the First Tech Challenge team 18487, the TaCodeCats, a group of girls who are passionate about all things robotics. Our first season of FTC was the 2020-21 Replay. We are super pumped about this season! (Get photo from Advikas dad!!!! morning of kickoff photo)


You might be wondering "What is FTC?" FTC or First Tech Challenge is a robotics competition where 7-12 graders design, build, and code a robot for a specific game that changes every year. You also build alliances with other teams and work with them during competition! Another important aspect is fundraising and organizing outreach events to raise money to buy parts and to learn from teams and experts in the community.

How to Get Involved in FIRST

Contact Info

Instagram: @tacodecats_ftc 

Email: tacodecats@gmail.com

YouTube:  @TaCode Cats